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We'd hate for you to be passed-over by a recruiter because of an incomplete or poorly formatted resume/profile. Before applying to any new positions, we highly recommend that you review these profile optimization tips...



Make sure to fill-out the Title field of your online profile with your current OR most relevant title. The title field is the most popular search field used by recruiters; avoid abbreviations and spelling mistakes. If your current or most recent company uses non standard position titles, include a standard title as well.


When a recruiter searches the resume database, candidate profiles are listed in order of "last updated" date. In short, every time you update your profile, it moves to the top of the list. The more often you update your profile, the more likely it will be seen by recruiters.

If you don't have the time to update your profile every day OR if you want to bring extra attention to your resume, consider our Premium Placement service.


Make sure the Resume Section of your online profile is filled-out completely. Use the "What Employers See" link to view your profile as a recruiter would see it.

Note: If pasting your resume from a word processing application like MS Word, it is likely that any special formatting will be lost. Use keyboard characters to re-format your resume if this happens. For example, use ALL CAPS instead of bolding and a dash (-) or and asterisk (*) instead of bullets. The system is WYSIWYG, if your profile looks bad to you, it will look bad to recruiters.



The check-boxes in the Email Notification of New Job Listings section are used as database markers by recruiters when searching the resume database. EVEN IF you elected not to get email notifications from, make sure to check the appropriate Categories, Job Functions and Regions so that recruiters have an easier time finding you.


Include a Keyword Bank in the Resume Section of your online profile. Recruiters use keyword searches to find candidates for their positions. They will often use words and phrases from the job description of the position they are trying to fill.

Note: A Keyword Bank should contain words and phrases that ARE NOT on your resume BUT WILL help recruiters find your profile. For example, a Technical Designer should include Technical Design, Technical Designer, Tech Design, Tech Designer, TD, Spec Tech, Speccing, Spec Sheets, and any other words/phrases that a recruiter might use to find a Technical Designer.



Make sure to update the Resume Section of your online profile as soon as your professional situation changes. Verify your email address, phone numbers and mailing address every time you update your profile.

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